1. What is Binder Projects?

Binder Projects is an online gallery that sells original, authentic works by emerging and established artists.


2. How do I know the artwork being sold is authentic and one of a kind?

All artwork listed on the site is one-of-a kind, original work or a limited-edition photograph or print. Upon purchasing, a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist will be sent with the piece.


3. Can I see it in person?

Yes. We can arrange a studio visit if the buyer is interested in viewing a work in person. A studio visit  appointment request can be made using the “Visit” tab at the top of the page


4. As a buyer, I am hesitant to purchase an artwork “sight unseen”. Can I return the works if I do not feel as strongly about it when it arrives?

No. If you receive the work and no longer want it, you can consign it with Binder Projects and receive 70% of the list price when it sells.


5. Why should I use Binder Projects to purchase art?

Binder Projects allows our users the unique opportunity to engage with and discover experienced and emerging artists, so long as they have an internet connection. We understand that it can be difficult to navigate the landscape of the art world, and we want to simplify the process of connecting potential buyers and artists. Finding work you like is the most fun but difficult part of investing in art. Brick and mortar galleries have earned a justifiable reputation for being intimidating, but purchasing through the online gallery gives the buyer an enjoyable and accessible experience.


Home Try-On


1. Do you have a “try-on” program? How does it work?

Yes! Finding the right piece of art for your home or office can be difficult. With our “try-on” program you’ve got five days at home with the work. At the end of five days, return the work if you decide not to buy it.  


2. If it is free, why do you need my credit card?

The program is free but for security reasons, you will be asked to provide a valid debit or credit card. Rest assured the five day trial is FREE*!

The only exception: if you do not return the artwork once the 5 day period has expired, or a piece is returned damaged, we will charge the card on file the full price for the work. We will be in contact throughout the 5 day period and will send a reminder email. If you need an extra day or two, call us and we will work something out.




1. How are the dimensions listed?

We list dimensions height first, and then the width. If a piece is framed, we will list the framed dimensions


2. Does the work come ready-to-hang?

Yes. Typically, paintings on canvas and sculptural works come unframed. For framed works, prices listed include archival- quality custom framing.  If the space where your artwork will be placed requires a specific size, contact us when you are placing your order. If you have special framing requests, fill out the “special instructions” area of checkout. Note that the price may change with special framing requests. We’ll do out best to accommodate.


3. Are the colors similar to the colors on the computer?

We work hard to make sure that the images displayed on digital screens are displayed as true as possible; however your screen resolution, settings, brightness, and model may reflect subtle differences. By scheduling a visit, you can see the work in person.


Pricing and Payments:


1. Is there an installment plan?

Yes. For works over $15,000 USD, you can pay in installments with interest. Artwork under $15,000

USD must be purchased outright. See the full Terms of Use for more information.


2. Is framing included in the price?

Yes. The list price includes framing, if applicable. To find out of the artwork is framed, view the artwork detail page.


3. Does the price include tax?

Yes. Because we are based in Tennessee, the TN sales tax (9.25%) is added to each work.


4. When are the shipping and delivery fees charged?

Shipping or delivery is charged at the time of checkout.


5. Can I pay for my artwork with a check?

Yes. Checks can be made out to Binder Projects.




1. How do I place an order for a piece of work?

Upon selecting a piece of work from our online catalog, click the 'Add to cart' button below each work. Once it is added to your cart, you can continue shopping or go to checkout. 


2. What if I need to change an order?

If you need to change an order, please contact us as soon as possible via email, binderprojects@gmail.com or call us at 901.634.1698


3. Do you offer installation services?

Binder Projects offers installation services at an hourly rate. 


4. Do you accept returns?

Binder Projects does NOT accept returns. All sales are final. 


5. What if my piece arrives damaged?

The damages incurred during transit via Fedex, UPS, or an art handler are out of our control. We are more than happy to work with you to resolve the issue if damages do happen. 

Shipping Policies and Options:

Gift Cards:


1. Does Binder Projects offer gift cards?

Yes. Check out the gift certificate feature on our home page. The gift certificates come in $100, $250, and $500 amounts. We can also create beautiful custom gift certificates. Gift certificates are applied using a code entered at checkout. 




1. What is the price structure for trade professionals.

For primary market sales, the tier system is as follows:

For purchases under $10,000 the designer commission is 10%

For purchases between $10,000 and $15,000 the designer commission is 15%

For purchases above $15,000 the designer commission is 20%

For secondary market sales the commission is 10%




1. Why should I list my work with Binder Projects?

Binder Project's goal is to showcase the work of emerging and established artists to long-time collectors and newcomers. We believe that art buying should be an accessible, moving, community-oriented experience. That experience should also be the same for artists selling work. Our business is focused on building relationships with the artists to foster a positive and lucrative workspace.     


2. What is the percentage given to the artist and the gallery?

The artist receives 60% of the agreed upon sales price. 


3. Is the agreement between the artist and Binder projects a binding agreement?

Yes. The agreement between the artist and BP is a binding agreement. We don't believe in exclusive gallery representation but the artworks being listed with Binder Projects cannot be sold through other means. 



1. Is the artist responsible for getting their work photographed?



2. If a buyer has questions, do we respond directly to the buyer or through the website or a curator?

If the buyer has questions related to the content, technique, style, or other general questions, please respond to them yourself or we will send you an email asking you to respond. If they are interested in purchasing the piece, or have any questions about price, the try-on program, payment plans, etc,  we will respond. 


Pricing and Payments:


1. How does the artist get paid once a work has sold?

Binder Projects sends out a check to the artist once we receive payment from the client. Because we don't offer payment plans, the artwork is paid for in full at the time of a sale. 


2. If the work is framed, does the list price include the framing?

Yes. You will be reimbursed for the framing. 


3. How is the price negotiated between the artist and Binder Projects?

We price based on a number that amounts to a dollar / square inch. That number derives from the artist's past sales and market value.  




1. Does the artist deliver bought works to local buyers or are pieces shipped?

The artwork is stored at a Binder Projects studio and is picked up by the buyer or can be shipped. We are responsible for delivering the work to the client. 


2. Does the artist have to install the bought works?

No. Installation is an added cost that can be purchased by the buyer. We have an in-house installer but if the artist prefers to do the installation, we can schedule that. The price/hour would remain the same for the client. 


3. What if the buyer wants a return?

All sales are final.


4. If the buyer doesn’t like the work upon receiving it and decides to consign the piece through Binder projects, does the artist get a percentage if the piece sells again?

No. The consigner would receive the full percentage of the sales price. 


5. What if my piece arrives damaged?

Binder Projects insures all of the artwork so that if a piece is damaged beyond reparation, the artist receives their percentage of the sale price.